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Welcome to the EPBOM-DK articles section. Here you will find a few writings about putting the word of God in practice nowadays, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

This month's Article: The surfing of life (extract)

[...] we are now ready to share the following ideas inspired to us by the Holy Spirit.

There is one aquatic sport in the U.S.A. called "surfing". This sport is not surfing with the computer on the web. Surfing here is going on the beach to ride the surf on the big waves. The surf riders use the word: "right on" when they succeed in using the right waves at the right moment to go to the right destination with their surf.

The ancient Greeks were using one word to say exactly the contrary when something was not done perfectly: "HAMARTIA" which means: missing the goal or the objectives.

All our efforts that we do to find the way by ourselves or discover by ourselves our future are done for only one reason: succeed in our life or be like the surfers in the right direction. Many among us can’t reach that goal because they don’t know how to reach it. What is really pitiful is that we will look for our future where it is not and where it can’t be found:

  • Some people will look for it in occultism, in mystical teachings in esoterism, in spiritism.
  • Some others will search in the black or white sorcery, in magic, in divination, go to omens interpreters or mediums, or go to people who consult the dead.
  • Many others will go to the astrologist, to horoscopes, or to the oriental mystical teachings like: yoga, transcendental meditation etc, to discover their future. All these practices look like running after the wind that no one can’t catch.

If we don’t know how to find out our future how can we be sure that we are in the right direction? We can resemble someone who just takes a taxi and says to the driver: let us go... but where?

If there is today a big confusion among people looking for truth and a meaning of their life, it is because they think that there is only one source of wisdom.

The Bible clearly teaches us the opposite. There is a wisdom from above: it comes from God. There is a wisdom form below. It comes from the devil. Both of them are supernatural. We can look for each of them and find them. The Bible teaches us that wisdom from above is the truth. And wisdom from below is mystification.

Wisdom from above is right in the good direction; it leads us to Heavens. Whereas wisdom from below is from the devil and leads us in hell.

The Greek word HAMARTIA which means missing the goal, is translated in the Bible by the word "SIN". The Bible teaches us that we are born sinners and we are not capable to reach the goal of our life by ourselves ; we are not capable to find out "ourselves by ourselves".

The Bible teaches us also that God has made all the necessary efforts to find out the remedy for our human condition. First of all, He has sent His only begotten Son: Jesus Christ, to die on the cross because we had missed the goal ; and through His death on the cross, Jesus-Christ has re-established us in the righteous relation with God, our Father. It is God who has taken this initiative ; but everybody must accept very personally this way out of our sinful condition.

We can’t be able to know the meaning of our lives, without taking this first step, this decision, which will introduce us in God’s plan for our life.

Jesus-Christ knows the answer of this riddles (enigma) which is as old as our world. He declared that He knew where He was coming from, Who He was and where He was going (John 8/14).

Jesus’ desire is to give us this same assurance for, He is the way, the truth and eternal life. It is through faith in Jesus that we can have salvation. We are saved not by our good works, not by our own wisdom, but through faith in Jesus Christ, our Redeemer, the only begotten son of God. Accept Him and He will lead you right away to the good goal of your life : blessings.

The overseer of the church, JKZ.


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