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" And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.

(Acts chapter 16:31)




"The surfing of life"

...how can we be sure that we are in the right direction?...
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Front picture: Members of the church

Who are we ?

The Protestant Baptist Church, Works and Mission International - Local church of Copenhagen Denmark, is an evangelical church.

This church has started in 1995 as a prayer group composed of five persons, all of them, from the family of one African diplomat.

Today, the church is about forty members wide and composed of people with different nationalities such as Africans, Danes and Polish. All these persons have been touched by the anointed and powerful word of God and they have given their lives to Jesus-Christ who has saved them, changed them, transformed them and delivered some of them from evil spirits keeping them in slavery and captivity.

The church is officially registered and member of the Danish Baptist Union (Baptistsamfundet-Danmark) as many other Baptist background churches, which are working together for the promotion of the gospel. The objectives of the church are the teaching of the word of God and the promotion of the Gospel according to the life of the primitive church of the New Testament.

The vision of the church is to work according to the divine model (Exodus 25/40; 26/30; Ephesians 4/11-12; 1Thessalonicians 2/4; Matthew 10/7-8; Marc 16/15) and to present to Christ a glorious church without stains or wrinkles, or blemish [...] (Ephesians 5/27). The Church is also following the program of the Lord Jesus Christ, according to Luke 4/18-19 and Isaiah 61/1-2.

The church’s Sunday service takes place in Østerbrohuset (Århusgade 103, KBH Ø) and is held in French and translated simultaneously into English and Danish.

The overseer of the church, JKZ.



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